One Platform.
Two Mounting Solutions.
Three LED Technologies.

Two Mounting Solutions.

Having the freedom to attach a LED display to an existing mounting solution can make a big difference.The industry standard VESA/wall mounting pattern enables the EDGE Pro platform to be  attached in a matter of seconds for quick and easy mounting.

Three LED Technologies.

EDGE Pro was designed to minimise itsenvironmental impact, fromhow it’s designed and  built to how it’s packaged - and even how it’s used. It uses the same EDGE Pro cabinets across  three LED technologies allowing you the freedom to upgrade your resolution with ease.

Love SMD technology.
Love the price.

Thanks to V1 Architecture, the EDGE Pro takes full advantage of the mind-glowingly fast chip so your content look great in any light.And whether you’re running a video conference, playing a video, or presenting your work, the high-quality SMD LED  will make sure everyone see your content look true to life.

Flip Chip SMD.
Be seen. Be mesmerised.

With the brilliant Flip Chip display, images and videos take on an incredible level of detail and realism.Text is sharp and clear. Flip Chip SMD delivers deep blacks and bright whites.This is the best LED display we’ve ever made, and it goes all the way to the edge.

Seethe better picture.

Vastlymore contrast.Incrediblecolour accuracy. Ahuge jump in pixel density. Wow.Justwow.Brighterbrights, darker blacks, and higher resolution for everything you look at DCI-P3wide colour brings even more vibrant greens and reds than sRGB.

A 55” LED display. No, that’s not a typo.

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